Monday, November 3, 2008


In September Dylan and I went to Lake Powell with our family and friends! We had a blast! I love my kids, but it is so nice to spend some time with just Dylan every once in a while. We can actually have conversations that don't get interrupted! But we definitely missed the kids by the end of the weekend!

Melanee and Randy came with us this time and we had so much fun-other than the longest car ride of our lives!! All of my brothers and sisters(except for Koby and Mandy-We missed you!) were there and my cute mom and dad! We wake boarded a lot, tubed, played football on the wave runners(which I am no good at, but Dylan is!), cliff jumped, did some sightseeing and then wake boarded some more! We were exhausted at the end of every day! It was great! Lake Powell is a beautiful place! Thanks Chad and Amanda for being great hosts and letting us come! Chad, I promise I am working on my spirituality so that we will be invited next year!!


Here are a few pictures of everyone at the cabin! It is fun to hang out with the family and have some down time!